Brewery Liaison Officer (BLO) role description

The role of the Brewery Liaison Officer (BLO), is to be a link between an appointed Brewery and CAMRA. The BLO position is a regional appointment, not branch appointment but you will work closely with your Branch. You will report to a Regional Brewery Liaison Coordinator (BLC) who has responsibilities for breweries within their region, or a national BLC if owned by a national or global company.

You will have:
• Good interpersonal and communication skills.
• Access to a computer and the internet.
• An understanding of CAMRA Tasting Panels and CAMRA Beer Styles (training can be given);
• An understanding of the CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain (CBOB) Competition would be an advantage, but is not essential – guidance is available.
• Patience (and persistence) if a brewer seems to be elusive. Some small breweries can be very busy at times, with perhaps only one or two people covering all activities from brewing to sales and deliveries.

In this role, you will:
• Establish and maintain a good working relationship with the brewery. Do not tell the brewery how to brew beer – they really do not appreciate it! This should be two-way flow of information, such as brewery innovations and CAMRA views on them – ask your BLC!
• Provide regular periodic reports to your BLC, via the Brewery Information System (BIS) and the Quarterly Report feature. Details needed are in the format of what happened yesterday, what is happening today and what is hoped will happen tomorrow.
• Please also remember to inform the local branch of brewery news, if it is not your own.
• Maintain the BIS as up to date as possible, such as name, address, contact details and beer details, as these do change from time to time.
• Proof-read the brewery section of the Good Beer Guide when requested to do so – you compile your brewery entry for the Good Beer Guide.
• Check that your brewery and beers are eligible for the CBOB Competition, obtaining any missing information as required if they are not eligible.
• Liaise with your Tasting Panel Chair to ensure beers have full tasting notes.
• Help to organise any CAMRA Campaigning Activity that may involve the brewery.
• Let local CAMRA magazines (and What’s Brewing, if of national importance) know of newsworthy items.
• Respond to enquiries regarding your brewery from any CAMRA members.

CAMRA volunteers are asked to always represent CAMRA in a positive light, and refrain from giving any personal views that might bring the Campaign into disrepute. Hours are flexible and will suit your availability – circa two hours a month is probably acceptable, except at key times, which could be during a Campaign, or preparations for the CBOB competition. Attendance at local Branch and Regional Meetings is desirable.