Social Media Coordinator


The purpose of this role is to co-ordinate all social media for the branch including Twitter, Facebook and other platforms.

Key Activities
• If required, to set up social media accounts in your branch name;
• Ensure at least one other committee member has administrator access;
• To liaise with committee members in order to keep up to date with, and promote:
o Local and National Campaigns
o Pub/Brewery News
o Branch events and activities (e.g. beer festivals)
• To use social media to engage with CAMRA members, pubs and members of the public, responding to any questions

Code of conduct
• To refrain from putting forward any personal points of view that is against CAMRA’s policy or might bring the Campaign into disrepute;
• To always represent CAMRA in a positive light;
• To be careful in the use of language (words such as “boozing” or “sloshed” are inappropriate) and never use obscenities;
• To refrain from “washing CAMRA internal dirty linen” in public;
• To refrain from criticizing individual beers or breweries, including those which do not produce real ale;
• Never be libellous; if in doubt leave it out.
• Abide by CAMRA’s Code of Conduct and Volunteers’ Charter.

Time Commitment
• This role can take up as much time as you are prepared to give. Circa an hour or two per week is probably acceptable except at key times, which could be a campaign or beer festival, when a higher level of commitment might be required.
• Attendance at your Branch Meetings is desirable and will be useful.

Attributes, skills and experience
• Good understanding of all social media
• Excellent written and online communication skills
• Ability to think creatively
• Good eye for detail and photography skills would be beneficial