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Campaign for Real Ale


What is WhatPub?

WhatPub.com is CAMRA's online pub guide. Pubs featured have been independently added and updated by thousands of CAMRA volunteers and includes over 96% of Britain's real ale pubs.

You can use whatpub.com to search for pubs across the UK and then look up opening times, descriptions, facilities and of course details of the real ale and cider on offer.

Isn't this just the Good Beer Guide online?

The simple answer is no. When you search for pubs on WhatPub you will not see just Good Beer Guide pubs, and there is no way of searching specifically for those pubs - so you will still need the Good Beer Guide book or app to find the very best real ale pubs.
(Click for more information about the Good Beer guide app)

What should I do if I can't find a pub on WhatPub?

Check that the filter options have been ticked for the following and that should resolve it:

  • Pubs and Clubs Only
  • Open Pubs and Clubs Only

If the pub is still not showing untick "Open Pubs and Clubs Only" as it may have been closed and reopened.

How can I help more or get a pub or club added?

A pub guide is only as good as the information in it. If you have seen something missing or incorrect, click "Submit Updates" and enter the information which will be forwarded to the Branch Pub Data Coordinator to be verified and updated. Similarly, please remember to send updates when visiting other areas, so that information can be passed onto the local CAMRA branch.

If a pub or club is not showing then why not survey it for the Branch to be added? Download a WhatPub Survey Form to complete and return to the Branch Pub Data Coordinator.

What are the beer scores, what are they used for and how do I enter one?

Beer scores are used in order to help select the best pubs for the CAMRA Good Beer Guide. Click here for more information on Beer Scoring.