Social Secretary

Peter Clegg

The purpose of this role is to organise social activities of the Branch.

Key Activities
• Find venues for social meetings of your Branch. These can include pub(s), breweries and beer festivals. Some Social Secretaries also organise venues for formal meetings, which will require a separate room;
• Contact the venue to make arrangements - rooms, catering etc;
• Organise transport and accommodation where necessary;
• Liaise with social secretaries in other Branches on joint events;
• Publicise the event via What’s Brewing / Branch magazine /Branch website.

Code of conduct • Do not be limited to your own personal preferences for types or venues of social events.
• Take account of any known special needs of members of the Branch;
• Inform the appropriate Brewery Liaison Officer or festival organiser when taking a group to an event outside the Branch area;
• Listen to feedback from members on the success or otherwise of events.

Time Commitment
• It would be unusual if this role took more than couple of hours each month (obviously not including time at those events you choose to attend!).
• Regular attendance at local branch meetings.

Useful skills • Good interpersonal and communication skills;
• Access to a computer, the internet and social media;
• Local knowledge.

Support • Information on pubs and breweries is available from the Good Beer Guide, local pub guides and Branch websites.