Good Beer Guide Coordinator

Chris Dickinson

The purpose of this role is to compile and submit the Branch's proposed entries for CAMRA's annual Good Beer Guide (GBG).

Key activities
• To ensure that guidance and instructions received from the responsible Director, the GBG production staff and the Regional GBG Submissions Coordinator are conveyed to and understood by the Branch Committee and Branch members responsible for surveying pubs;
• To ensure that the Branch database supporting WhatPub is kept up to date with regard to current and potential GBG entries;
• To review and where necessary to edit potential GBG entries in the Branch database to comply with prevailing policy and style guidelines;
• With the Branch Chairman, to schedule and to manage the Branch's processes for annual selection of GBG entries;
• To execute within the given deadline the export of the Branch's agreed selection of pubs for GBG main entries and any reserves from the Branch database to WhatPub, and then from WhatPub to the National GBG Submissions System for review, regional collation and onward submission by the Regional Co-ordinator;
• To check carefully the edited proof entries received via the Regional Coordinator from the GBG production staff and to advise on any necessary deletions or changes by the required deadline;
• To be the Branch contact point in the event of any question arising with regard to the inclusion or non-inclusion of any pub in the Branch area in the GBG, or its possible deletion.

Code of conduct
• Impartiality – to appreciate and to guard against the risk of any bias in the GBG selection process or in published descriptions of particular pubs;
• Confidentiality – to appreciate and to guard against the risk of disclosure of any GBG contents before publication.

Time commitment
• This role is seasonal, the selection processes running typically from November until February with electronic submissions to be forwarded to the Regional Co-ordinator in early March. In the run up to that deadline a week's worth of evenings may be required.
• Regular attendance at Branch meetings over the winter period is essential.

Skills required
• Attention to detail and to deadlines
• Proficiency in written English
• General familiarity with online web forms access to the internet