Clubs Officer

Colin Goodwin

The purpose of the role is to stimulate and coordinate the Branch's clubs' activities in line with CAMRA's current Internal/External Policy Documents, policies and campaigns and report to the Branch Committee.

Key Activities
• Establish and maintain relationships with clubs within your Branch area and promote CAMRA's policies and campaigns;
• To improve the provision and supply of real ale in clubs within Branch area;
• Co-ordinate CAMRA Club of the Year Competition at Branch level;
• Ensure your Branch identifies and celebrates clubs that serve quality real ale and exemplify Branch's clubs campaigning goals.
• Maintain any Branch CAMRA Clubs' Database by carrying out surveys and/or visits to local clubs;
• Produce and maintain listing of any heritage clubs within your Branch area;
• Report any major changes in 'local clubs scene' to the local RD, Clubs Advisory Group, and other CAMRA officers as required;
• Establish and maintain communication with club associations/affiliations at local level.

Code of Conduct
• To refrain from putting forward any personal points of view that is against CAMRA’s policy or might bring the Campaign into disrepute.
• Liase with brewers via Brewery Liaison Officers to increase quality real ale sales via clubs.
• Liase with Branch Membership Officer to increase the number of local clubs’ members who are also CAMRA members.
• Work with Branch Website Officer/master and Publicity Officer to improve CAMRA clubs campaigning profile on your Branch Website and in the media.

Time Commitment
• This role can take up as much time as you are prepared to give. Circa 2 hours a month is probably a minimum except at key times, which could be the Club of the Year Competition, when a higher level of commitment might be required.
• In addition, attendance at local branch meetings is useful.

Attributes, skills and experience
• Good interpersonal and communication skills
• Access to a computer and the internet

Support • Support is available from CAMRA’s National Club Association Liaison Officers and CAMRA's Clubs Advisory Group.